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Garden gates that are a bit sturdier and often higher in stature than normal wooden garden gates are usually called timber gates. There are plenty of uses for timber gates that other wooden garden gates are not suitable for.One of the main uses for timber gates is that of a side gate which is positioned at the side of the house to give security to the back garden. For this reason timber side gates are sometimes referred to as security gates and are normally quite tall gates. These types of timber gates are particularly important in terrace housing where two houses are joined by a shared alley way that leads to the back of the house. Some people may like having constant interaction with their neighbors but others would prefer a bit of privacy which a side gate offers.

Timber gates are also common when wooden fencing is used in large houses in the country side. Obviously in the middle of the country side you may require a bit more height on your fencing to keep out trespassers and also unwanted animals that may wish to feed on a lush grass lawn. With taller more robust fences also comes the need for a tougher garden gate which is why timber gates are usually used. In this scenario we have even seen timber gates used with iron fencing which gives a lovely contrast that is very modern in style.

There are plenty of uses in the industrial world for timber gates but the breadth of this article is just concentrating on uses within residential gardens. As well as the two uses above that see timber gates implemented for security reasons there is also a decorative need in the garden for tall timber gates. One of these situations where timber gates are used for style reasons are when a trellis is used in a garden and a tall gate can be used to complement this height and decorative design. Similarly with a tall garden arch at the bottom of the garden it is sometimes nice to have a tall timber gate to add to the theme of the walk through area.